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Anonymous asked:

Um, hi! I was wondering if you could do a mini tutorial on how to colour clouds? (You don't have to do this uvu) I really love your word, I'm inspired by it!



i got multiple questions about this, so i’ll just answer it on this ask

sorry i kept putting it off for so long…

so… i guess i would think of what kind of sky i would want

i like sunsets, so i’ll draw that


so i start with the very back color; it’s a dull purple

my intent is to go from purple/dark grey->peach/pink


i like to use this fuzzy brush

imagenot sure what to call these… the ‘back’ / ‘dark’ clouds?

i put on random splotches at 40~50% opacity of dark blue around the edges


imagei’m going to put my light source at the bottom right, so i put a rusty orange color slightly at 10~20% opacity

imagethen i blended the colors before i started to add more colors

the more you blend, the better the picture will look 8)

imagenow i put my pen at around size 8-10 to put in thin areas of peach/gold where the light will hit at around 60% opacity


color it where ever you think it looks good 


i like to adjust my colors and edit on sai

on an overlay layer on top of the drawing, i airbrushed so dark blue in at the top left and right


then near the end i like to use the combination of lower brightness and higher contrast

i’ll put a video later since my explanation is horrible most of the time…

sorry i put the drawing sideways… it wouldn’t fit

try these drawings for reference…

maybe use the eyedropper and use colors from these?

hope that helps 

this is for the multiple color asks received



To contact me for commission requests, either send a note through deviantArt, Weasyl  or my email address, with the subject line COMMISSION REQUEST and a list of the type or types you want me to do. You may note me here as well, but I will ask you to email me if I accept the request, since tumblr’s message system is unreliable at best.

All rates are initial estimates. Rates will increase with the complexity of the request. 

Reference material for characters are required. A written description of a character is not sufficient to work within my time constraints. 

Terms of use

  • Commissioners are entitled to at most two revisions after rough sketches are approved for rendering. Additional revisions will be granted at a charge.
  • Commissioners may not use the commissions for commercial or promotional purposes.
  • I reserve the right to decline a request.
  • I reserve the right to post commissioned works on my website and within my portfolio.
  • All commissioned works will be posted here with the tag Commissioned Work.
  • No refunds, unless I cancel the commission request.

Payment is accepted via Paypal only. I will tell you where to send the money once the commission request is finalized. Work will begin after payment is received.

Thank you for your interest in my work!


I have become addicted to Borderlands and while I love running around and sniping bandits in the head, I also love Claptraps so much oh my gosh they are so adorable can I have one please. It makes me sad when I hear the injured ones, but they act so cute when they’re repaired. XP

Anyway so I drew some ultra-quick sketch of my dumb character (I play as a sniper, hence why BC is wearing goggles… … WITH NO STRAP TO WRAP AROUND HER HEAD WOW HOW DID I MISS THAT) going to fix an injured Claptrap. Because apparently you use duct tape to repair them.

And yeah it’s probably not very accurate but it’s not bad for my first time trying to sketch a Claptrap, I guess.


School’s back in session, which means the return of Let’s Speak English!

This is number 25, and it’s the first longform story! I still get gleeful when I really think about this night. So many other little things happened that I couldn’t include, which might make it into strips later.

For instance, Shinoda, one of the guitarists, threw his pick into the crowd and I snatched it and was able to have him sign it. I also got a chance to talk to Wowaka briefly and have him sign a CD. Also 50 other things!!

If you like crazy indie rock, you can check out Hitorie’s videos on youtube. I believe they’re all available in America now!

And I’m sure I’ll see ya soon with plenty more goofy shenanigans in Japan!

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